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BCN3D Maintenance Kit

The BCN3D maintenance kit contains the most used parts for the maintenance or replacement of the printer.


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BCN3D Maintenance Kit

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The maintenance kit contains the most used parts for the maintenance or replacement of the printer. Maintenance work should be regular to keep the printer in good condition and achieve high-quality prints at all times. Before making any repairs, it is important to turn off the printer and let it cool down.
What’s in the box:
  • 4x Allen key Nylon cleaning filament Set of shims Glass printing surface
  • 2x 0.4mm Hotend
  • Grease 50ml
  • Solvent 12ml and Lubrication Oil 12ml
  • 4x Purger cloths
  • Magigoo: Build plate adhesive
  • Calibration gauge

Compatible with Epsilon W50, Epsilon W27 and Sigma D25.

Maintenance operations that can be done with the kit:

· Lubricate and clean axes:
Periodically, according to the Maintenance Alerts via LCD screen, it is recommended to clean and grease the axes of the BCN3D Epsilon with the lubrication kit to ensure a smooth and precise performance of its mechanical components. 

· Clean the hotend:
To ensure an optimal printed parts, it is important to maintain the hotends correctly. Maintenance of the inside of the hotend should be performed weekly, every time you switch materials or if the nozzle is clogged. 

· Installing shims:
Shims are elements that mechanically correct the Z offset when printing in Mirror or Duplication mode. In these modes both toolheads work simultaneously, so it is key important to make sure both nozzle tips are exactly at the same height. 

· Change the hotend:
The maintenance kit includes 2 0,4mm Hotends. It is recommended to install a new hotend when you do not get a clean hotend when performing the “Nylon Cleaning Method” described on the “Clean the hotend” process. 

Visit the User guide Maintenance Section to get more information about general maintenance.