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Artec Leo 3D Scanner

The Artec Leo 3D scanner offers on-board automatic processing and is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.



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Artec Leo 3D Scanner

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The Artec Leo 3D scanner offers on-board automatic processing and is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video. As you scan your object, see the 3D replica being built in real time on Leos touch panel screen. Rotate the 3D model, check if you have captured all areas, and fill in any parts you may have missed.

Wireless freedom. Smart data capture

Artec Leo is the only wireless and fully standalone professional 3D scanner designed to make scanning as easy and effortless as possible. With the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor onboard, 5" HD built-in display and battery, it's the ultimate all-in-one 3D scanning solution for fast, accurate, and high-quality data capture.

The all-new Leo runs at more than twice the power than it did before, and guarantees accuracy at every step of the way you're set up for success from the start.

Widest range

From a specific car part you need to customize or an entire machine at your factory, an armchair to the room it sits in, a human body to a crime scene, Leo can scan the widest range of objects in the industry.

Technical specs

Display Built-in touch panel screen
Processing On-board real time processing
Volume capture zone 160,000 cm¶ü
3D reconstruction rate, up to 80 FPS
3D resolution, up to 0.2 mm
3D point accuracy, up to 0.1 mm
Color resolution 2.3 mp
Structured-light source VCSEL
Position sensors Built-in 9 DoF inertial system
Multi-core processing NVIDIA Jetson TX2
Power source In-built exchangeable battery
Connectivity Wireless

Multi-language support. Interface available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Leo does the heavy lifting: You just point & shoot.

Interactive real-time scanning hints, hybrid target-free tracking system, smart scanning modes for faster data processing just a few things that make our Leo the easiest 3D scanner to use. Just pick it up, point at whatever you want to scan, and hit that start button. Leo will take care of the rest.

Smart data capture, no targets needed.

Leo's state-of-the-art hybrid geometry and texture tracking frees you up from using any additional equipment like targets or markers for stable scanning. You can just point it at the object and start scanning. It's that easy.

Distance color map to aid scanning.

To help you keep the optimal distance to the object during scanning and thus capture more data in less time, Leo has visual aids in place. The surface you're scanning will be displayed in red on Leo's screen if you're holding the scanner too close to it, or blue if the distance is too great. And if it's green? All systems go you're doing everything right.

Never miss a spot.

Smart surface quality indicator on the display lets you see which areas have been captured completely, and which require additional attention, f.ex. more frames or more coverage from different angles. It also gives you hints if you are scanning too fast or holding the scanner too far.

Seamlessly pause and resume scanning whenever you need.

When you're ready to continue, Leo will pick up from where you left off, and add the new data to the existing project.

Smart scanning, less processing.

Powered by proprietary AI technology, Leo captures only the data you need more intelligence for less processing time and cleanup work.

Scan anywhere. No computer. No cables.

An all-new, cloud-connected, WiFi-enabled, and completely cable-free design lets you take Artec Leo's immense scanning capabilities wherever you need them without ever needing a computer. Take full control with a tilting, interactive screen that displays a real-time replica with color-coded cues to help you capture perfect scans, every time.

100% cable-free scanning & data transfer

Leo's unique features: a compact design, long-lasting battery, interactive touch screen, scan-to-cloud, WiFi connectivity, and remote control combine to give you all the scanning and data transfer functionality you might require, right from the device itself without the need for additional devices, power or data cables.

Interactive 5.5" touch panel

With Leo's intuitive UI, you can manage your device, scanning process, and scan data. The touch screen builds a real-time replica you can interact with while you scan, showing you areas that need attention, and helping you quickly get the best results.

Real time 3D model preview

Forget having to tether your device to a laptop to see scan data. Leo's interactive touch screen displays a real-time replica as you scan, with visual guides that show you the quality of the data in different regions of your scan.

Tilting screen

Leo's compact and ergonomic design already makes it possible to scan in tight spaces or from awkward angles. The interactive display also tilts to give you added flexibility and increased freedom of movement so you can use the scanner in many more ways.

Consistently accurate

The 2022 Artec Leo remains at a stable and optimal temperature throughout the scanning process to bring your accuracy to the next level, while a calibration certificate and Leo Calibration Kit guarantee top quality is maintained every step of the way.

Up to 0.1 mm point accuracy

Powerful scanning. Unprecedented performance.

Powered by the most power-efficient embedded NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor and state-of-the-art algorithms, Leo is like no other scanner when it comes to performance, accuracy, and durability.

Up to 0.2 mm 3D resolution

Up to 28 FPS 3D reconstruction rate in real time

Multi-core processing

With the fastest embedded AI supercomputer onboard, Leo gives you exceptional speed and power-efficiency.

Scan in sunlight

With Leo's Class I Laser projector, a pattern invisible to the human eye is projected onto the surface of your object, so you can easily scan in sunlight.

HD Mode for 2x higher resolution

The resolution of your scan data steps up 2x while removing noise for you, leaving you with the tidiest noise-free 3D model. Hard-to-reach areas and difficult-to-scan surfaces such as thin ridges or sharp corners are now easier than ever to capture, with enhanced reconstruction and improvements to edge curvatures. Forget about texture bias too there's no room for false geometry from high-contrast texture here. Expect true-to-life 3D models in stunningly high resolution.

For excellent geometry and color representation.

We've packed Leo with advanced tech to capture rich texture, adjust to lighting conditions, and perform precise texture-to-geometry mapping. Leo has a two-in-one optical system, an integrated supercomputer on a module, position sensors with 9 DoF, and VCSEL light technology that varies flash intensity.

Level-up your photogrammetry

Take CGI photogrammetry to the next level using scan data from Artec Leo, with photos from your own camera. Bring it all together in Artec Studio in one seamless process to get stunning, life-like 3D models with perfect geometry and the texture quality you want.

Versatile, reliable software

Powered by Artec Studio and Artec Cloud integration, this versatile scanner is now more powerful than ever. The software enables you to scan directly to the cloud, remote-control the scanner, and even build your own functionality with a dedicated API and SDK. Leo is also regularly updated with performance enhancements and stability improvements.

Access Leo from anywhere.

Leo's agility has just gone up a level. New remote control capabilities bring unprecedented flexibility to what is already a fully mobile device. Using just your browser, you can access Leo remotely, monitor the scanning process, control the scanner, and manage projects and target clouds.

Build your own functionality. Expand with no limits.

A dedicated API and SDK opens Leo up to even more expansion possibilities. With access to the scanner's settings and parameters, you can build functionality that interacts with the scanner's state, works with target clouds, and manages projects.

Collaborate. Anywhere.

With Leo's scan-to-cloud feature, you are no longer limited by location, or hardware. Right on your browser from anywhere in the world, team members can contribute their expertise to the same project. Your scans can process while you travel back from the field, and parallel projects can run simultaneously.

Capture both fine details and larger parts with a single scanning solution.

With a 160,000 cm-cubed capture zone, Leo is truly versatile when it comes to size. It excels at capturing both medium-sized (20-50 cm) and large (50-200 cm) objects and surfaces. However, if paired with a powerful computer, it can take on even very large objects (200+ cm) or even entire spaces, such as rooms or crime scenes.

Typical objects for Leo:

  • Gearboxes, castings
  • Automotive parts
  • Turbines, ship propellers, small boats
  • Statues, and the human body
  • Furniture and room interiors
  • Crime scenes

Now running with more than twice the power.

Wireless scanning, smart data capture and so much more, right in your hands? It's time to rethink what a scanner can do.

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