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Formlabs Silicone 40A Resin Cartridge

Introducing Silicone 40A Resin, the first accessible 100% silicone 3D printing resin


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Formlabs Silicone 40A Resin Cartridge

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This Product is Currently on Pre-order. ETA June 2024

100% Silicone 3D Printing for Soft, Pliable, and Durable Parts

Introducing Silicone 40A Resin, the first accessible 100% silicone 3D printing resin. Eliminate molding and labor-intensive casting processes: Silicone 40A Resin uses Formlabs’ patent-pending Pure Silicone Technology™ to 3D print pure silicone parts in-house, in a matter of hours.

With this 40A Shore durometer material, you can fabricate soft, pliable, and durable parts with a 230% elongation at break and a 12 kN/m tear strength that can withstand repeated cycles of stretching, flexing, and compression. Combine the high performance of silicone and the design freedom of 3D printing to create highly functional silicone parts with excellent chemical and thermal resistance (-25°C to 125°C), fine features as small as 0.3 mm, and complex geometries that are not possible with traditional methods.

The washing and curing process for Silicone 40A  is slightly different from other resins so please review the workflow here >

What's Included

  • Silicone 40A Resin 1 L

Compatible with

Printer compatibility: Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, Form 3B+
Compatible with these resin tanks: Form 3/3B Resin Tank V2, Form 3/3B Resin Tank V2.1
Compatible with these build platforms: Form 3 Build Platform (recommended), Form 3 Build Platform 2, Form 3 Stainless Steel Build Platform