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Arnitel ID 2045 - Black (1.75mm 500 gram)

Arnitel ID2045 is a highly flexible TPC filament by DSM that is made from 50% bio-based feedstock and exhibits excellent processing characteristics, flexibility, strength and heat resistance.


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Arnitel ID 2045 - Black (1.75mm 500 gram)

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Arnitel ID2045 is a highly flexible TPC filament by DSM that is made from 50% bio-based feedstock and exhibits excellent processing characterisics, flexibility, strenght and heat resistance.

Arnitel ID2045 is a highly flexible TPC (thermoplastic copolyester) that can be used in a broad range of applications from sports mouth guards to electronics. It is a flexible polymer with very good UV- and chemical-resistance compared to other flexible polymers such as TPU (thermoplastic urethane).

Arnitel ID2045 is an ECO label filament made with 50% bio-based feedstock. It brings speed to your 3D printing production ƒ?? it loads onto the machine and prints twice as fast as other TPCs. It combines this easy and fast printing with high performance characteristics enabled by excellent inter-layer adhesion due to its slower crystallization behavior.

Possible applications

  • Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Motorsports ƒ?? e.g. lighting frames, tubes, wipers
  • Flexible tools and electronics
  • Healthcare ƒ?? such as prosthetics, bruxism splints
  • Sports & Lifestyles ƒ?? e.g. shoe midsoles, mouth guards, shin guards, glasses, earbuds, smart watches, jewelry

General printing guidelines *

Nozzle size: ƒ?¾ 0.25mm Layer height: >0.1mm * Flow rate: ¶ñ 100%
Print temp: ¶ñ 220 - 245¶ø C * Print speed: Low / Medium* Retraction: No
Heat bed: ¶ñ 40 - 60¶ø C* Fan speed: 0% Printing surface: Glass + DimaFix / PET tape
Enclosed printer needed: Preferred Heated Build Chamber: No Experience level: Intermediate

*) Above displayed settings are meant as guidance to find your optimal print settings. These ranges in settings should work for most printers, but please do feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer. There are a lot of different type of printers, hot-ends and printer offsets that it is extremely difficult to give an overall one-size-fits-all setting.

*) First layer : 100 - 150% of first layer thickness.

*) Arnitel¶© ID 2045 can be used with a range of nozzle temperature (210ƒ??250 ¶øC / 410ƒ??482¶øF). Preferred temperature to print your object is 230¶øC / 446¶øF. To generate a homogeneous melt, the melt temperature should always be above 200¶øC / 392¶øF. Optimal mechanical properties will be achieved at melt temperature between (210ƒ??250 ¶øC / 410ƒ??482¶øF).

*) Print speed: 20 - 50 mm/s (obeying the maximal throughput in cm3/s of the extruder)

*) Do only remove printed object from print bed when print bed has cooled down to ambient temperatures, as otherwise printed part can deform severely.

Filament length

؁: 1.10 g/cc 50 gr coil 0.5 Kg spool
Ç? 1.75mm ¶ñ 18.9m ¶ñ 189m
Ç? 2.85mm ¶ñ 7.1m ¶ñ 71m

Storage and conditioning

Arnitel¶© ID grades are supplied in airtight, moisture-proof packaging at a moisture level <0.05 w%.

In order to prevent moisture pick up and contamination, supplied packaging should be kept closed and undamaged. For the same reason, partially used bags should be sealed before re-storage. Allow the material that has been stored elsewhere to adapt to the temperature in the processing room while keeping the bag closed. To prevent moisture condensing on filaments, bring cold filaments up to ambient temperature in the print shop while keeping the packaging closed.

DSM Plastics Finder

For more technical information and guidelines please visit DSM Plastics Finder.

Product export information

HS Code: 39169090 Description: Monofilament Country of origin: the Netherlands

Compliance *

This filament is compliant to below listed directives and regulations.

  • RoHS directive 2011/65/EC
  • REACH directive 1907/2006/EC

*) This declaration of conformity to directives and regulations is prepared according to our present standard of knowledge and may be amended if new cognitions are available and applies only for the above described products.