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BCN3D Omega I60

BCN3D Omega I60 is a high-speed, all-in-one industrial FFF 3D Printer designed to produce big, strong prototypes and end-use parts.


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BCN3D Omega I60

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BCN3D Omega I60 is a high-speed, all-in-one industrial FFF 3D Printer designed to produce big, strong prototypes and end-use parts.

The BCN3D Omega I60 features a modernised version of BCN3D’s signature IDEX technology, which doubles productivity by using both tool heads simultaneously. It boasts a massive print volume of 60L and a heated chamber that can reach temperatures up to 70 C, allowing for the production of large-scale, robust pieces in engineering-grade materials.

The printer is equipped with a temperature and humidity-controlled material operations system that prepares filaments for printing. Additionally, it utilizes a 1.75mm direct-drive high-speed extruder capable of speeds up to 300 mm/s, enabling faster production of parts than ever before.

Key Features

  • IDEX Technology: Double your productivity by using both tool heads simultaneously.
  • Active Heated Chamber up to 70 C: Control chamber temperature for part uniformity, dimensional accuracy, and mechanical properties.
  • Material Operations System: Integrated temperature and humidity-controlled system that prepares filaments for printing.
  • Powerful Extrusion System: 1.75mm direct-drive Bondtech extruder and custom E3D Revo Hotends with easy-swap nozzle change.
  • High-Speed Ready: Print parts at 300 mm/s thanks to built-in accelerometers.
  • Massive Print Volume of 60 Liters: Create big robust parts with solid mechanical properties.
  • HAQ-XY Kinematics: This motion architecture is considered one of the best systems for dual 3D printers and CNC machines.
  • XYZ Autocalibration: This technology, which uses piezoelectric sensors, eliminates human dependence and guarantees correct first-layer adhesion. 


    There are three pathways to choose from when selecting a filament for the Omega I60.

    1. BCN3D Filaments, which encompasses the following mentioned materials as well as upcoming materials currently in development and scheduled for future release. 
    2. Open Filament Network, where BCN3D collaborates with material manufacturers to create specialized printing profiles. These materials cater to niche applications with materials that offer unique properties like ESD, flame retardant, or food-safe.
    3. Open material platform with no limitations, customers can use custom materials and create their own printing profiles at no additional cost.
      • Omega Proto: A custom formulation developed for BCN3D Omega I60 and ideal for prototyping, jigs and fixtures, low load bearing alignment guides, and drill guides. It offers a smooth matte black surface finish and isotropic properties, making it suitable for both basic and functional prototyping.
      • Omega Impact ASA: This material excels in UV resistance, making it ideal for outdoor end-use parts. It is highly durable, making it suitable for tooling subjected to repetitive loading.
      • Omega Resistant Nylon: Ideal for the factory floor environment, this material is chemical, wear and solvent resistant. It serves as a drop-in replacement for materials like Acetal commonly found across production lines.
      • Omega Tooling CF: Specifically formulated for maximum strength, this material is well-suited for producing metal replacement parts, metal forming dies, bend tooling and end-use parts that require exceptional strength.
      • Omega Support: A breakaway support material that works with all the aforementioned materials. This allows for easy removal of supports without the need for dissolving, enabling the immediate use of printed parts.

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