Formfutura TitanX - Light Grey (1.75mm 750 gram)

Formfutura TitanX - Light Grey (2.85mm 750 gram)

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Formfutura Premium PLA - Strong Black (1.75mm 2300 gram)

Formfutura Premium PLA - Strong Black (2.85mm 2300 gram)

Formfutura TitanX - Natural (1.75mm 750 gram)

Formfutura TitanX - Natural (1.75mm 2300 gram)

Formfutura TitanX - Light Grey (2.85mm 750 gram)

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TitanX is an industrial-grade, high-performance and FFF/FDM-optimized ABS based engineering filament. TitanX is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament with unsurpassed mechanical properties and is extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects. TitanX is truly FFF/FDM-optimized as it has zero warping, a perfect interlayer adhesion and can be printed directly on a heated glass plate without any adhesives or tapes to be used.

Unique features

Warp-free printing and no deformation after cooling
Optimized filament flowing behaviour and inter-layer adhesion
Excellent adhesion to heated glass plate, Kapton tape, PET tape and Formfutura EasyPad
Greatly improved mechanical properties and strength
High impact resistance
Much less smell compared to when printing with normal ABS-based filaments
Printing with remarkable fine detail

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